We raised $736.80

Plus another $75 from a late payment/donation,

Plus whatever more comes in for art sold through FCC.

That totals to $811.80.

Amazing, everyone. Amazing.

Thank you.

That was the most astounding night ever.

Thank you, everyone, who helped out with the auction. It went smoothly, and beautifully.

If you weren’t there, let me tell you about it!

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The day is today.

As much as I would have hoped so, back in October, you can’t stop time from coming. When you plan something as big as an art auction, and then tell a bunch of people about it, it’s got to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited for today. I’m excited that all the work that got put into making this auction happen, all the donations of art, I’m excited that they’re all getting put to use tonight. I’ve had art stacked in my dorm room for three months, and finally, it gets to go on display and out for sale today.

I’m so excited that all of the money we raise is going to Streetlight. I attended a speaker event last Sunday. A woman who runs a similar organization in New York spoke, and I was reminded again how amazing Streetlight and similar organizations are, and why I love to help them—they’re helping those who otherwise, wouldn’t be.

On the flip side, I’m totally nervous. I’m afraid nobody is going to come, and nobody is going to buy the art. But then, I remember I need to relax, and look back at how far we’ve come with God’s help.

-This was totally all His idea. I take no part in this. I never would have thought “Yeah, I can organize an art auction. Totally.” I’m simply a vessel, along with everyone who has helped me thus far, used for His work.

-So much art that was donated, was work of God. I met an artist, by chance, who donated what may be our most valuable piece.

-In the wide scheme of things, we’ve hardly had to spend a cent. So many people have stepped up to donate things. First Christian Church donated posters and flyers, North Phoenix Baptist donated tablecloths, Fair Trade Cafe donated thank-you gifts for everyone who helped, and many of my friends and some complete strangers (who heard about the auction through FCC) are donating food and drinks.

It is so evident that God has helped us through this, so of course He’s going to help bring people to the auction. Unless He has a good reason not to. But, I trust Him to do what’s right. It’s all up to Him now.

Four days away.

Everything is set!

I have food arranged, the set-up idea is created, I have many pieces of art (thank you, everyone). All that is left is the legitimate set-up, and the signing of the thank-you cards. Plus, I have to go pick up the little presents for everyone who helped. I’ll do that tomorrow. And I need to catalog 7 or-so more pieces that everyone has so generously given to me.

Thank you, everyone; thank you, God, for making this possible!

Check this out!

My friend Cara works at Streetlight, and like I have been challenged with this Art Auction, she has been challenged to invite bring 200+ people to the Free to Laugh comedy night to raise money to also benefit Streetlight! You can find a link to buy tickets through the link attached to the title of this post.

God’s lessons.

I know this isn’t over yet.

There are 12 days left until the auction; 11 once the clock strikes midnight. We are still far from being 100% ready, but that’s what I’ve been learning.

Lesson #1 The stress I’m putting out over this auction? Not worth it. I’m learning to trust God in a very new, very tangible way. I’m learning to trust him that everything will go smoothly, as planned, and be perfect. And if it’s not perfect, then there is a reason why, and that reason will have some positive aspect to it, some way to glorify God.

Lesson #2 Be a Moses. And by that, I mean get uncomfortable. When God spoke to Moses through the burning bush, and told him to go and talk to Pharaoh, Moses was upset. He didn’t want to talk to people! Much less Pharaoh. I can identify with Moses. The first artist I asked to donate art, I burst into tears, I was so terrified of messing up whatever it was I was saying. On Friday, I was able to hand out the remaining 25 handout sized flyers to people on the corner of 3rd and Roosevelt, and invite people to come to the auction. This was not easy, but once I warmed up, I was reminded of my teary episode three months earlier, when I first asked someone to donate art. God has brought my communication skills a long way.

So as I sit at my desk and realize how much God has used me through these past 5 months, I am amazed and overjoyed, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to use me in these next 12 days.

20 days until the art auction!

Seriously, time to get the word out and get the little things done.

The highest items on my to-do list are shop for glasses, plates, and napkins, as well as coordinate where food is coming from. I may make food, I may buy food, I may ask people to make and buy food…we’ll see.

Mostly everything else, though, has been done. We have tablecloths being donated by North Phoenix Baptist Church, and Phoenix Christian is donating easels…it’s amazing to see how everyone is chipping in!

Expedition of the Day!

I spent the afternoon with my assistant/boyfriend Daniel running around downtown Phoenix hanging up and handing out posters for the auction! Thank you to everyone who allowed us to hang, hand out, and display posters in their space:

Fair Trade Cafe

Jobot Coffee

Public Market/Royal at the Market

Blue Fin

Lola Coffee

Halo Piercings

Frances Vintage

Two Hippies Tacos

and Grinder’s Coffee Shop,

Along with my Alma Mater High School, Phoenix Christian, who is running a video in chapel, asking for prayer and for students to ask their parents to attend the art auction.

Thanks everyone!

Exciting: Recently Acquired Art

We have recently acquired a piece of art by the Phoenix sensation Joseph Sentrock Perez! He is a street artist, break dancer, and has lived in the Phoenix area for his whole life.

Sentrock has been mentioned numerous times in Phoenix New Times Newspaper,




and here is his facebook page.

The print was donated by a friend of Sentrock’s cousin, Steve Malakowsky.

Thanks Steve!

Mondays tend to be my most productive days for planning the auction, probably because I’m up at 7, out of the shower at 8:30, and don’t have class until 1:50. This Monday has been particularly productive.

-Emailed another church about borrowing their tablecloths (even with the generous 25% discount Party People Rentals offered us, the total was around $120 to rent the tablecloths we needed, which is a little more than we have)

-Organized all art, estimated “starting bids”

-Started promo video for high school; college

-Continued working on the power point, which will be circularly played all through the art auction

All in all, a lot of stuff is done that needs to be done! And hopefully I’ll be meeting with Rhea sometime this week to shop for plates, napkins, and glasses, plus hunt for fabric and Christmas lights.

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